Ok friends … wanna know the truth ?!?

I am heading to MEXICO!!!!

Yes, I am finally going on a long-awaited vacation with my husband and family (NOTE: But not my children.) I am taking a moment to just breathe, to not be Mommy, to not be author … but simply Christine.

I realized, as I frantically tried to write another series for this week, that I need this vacation right now more than ever … and furthermore I need to practice what I preach.

I tell friends all the time to take the rest they need. I tell people to kick back when they’ve reached the end of their ropes, reminding them that the work will still be there when they return, BUT that they need to get away to recharge.

Yet, I struggle to actually LIVE out this advice myself.

So, this week, I am actually going to rest, and I’m not going to kill myself before I get there either. And while I wish I could bring you along on my vacation in the sun, I’m sorry, but I am putting up an out of office.

I will share the Bible Verses and guiding questions each day this week, (Bible verses that I plan to use myself this week in paradise), but then that’s it. There won’t be a Steam section on any posts this week.

I love you friends, but this author needs to recharge! And so my hope for you, is that you’ll learn from my example and that these verses will highlight your own need for rest and rejuvenation.