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Ever feel like you just can’t keep up?      

Ever feel like you are falling short?

Ever feel like you have too much on your plate?

I was terrified of really diving into Proverbs 31 because if you’ve heard of the “Proverbs 31 Virtuous Woman” …. well, she’s NOT me!

I feared the only thing I would get out of reading these verses was … “Where Christine is falling short. Where She is FAILING.

I thought, you know, ignorance is bliss, I’m just gonna leave that part of the Bible closed for now. Because this woman, the little I knew of her … well she was basically a combination of a 1950’s Housewife, Superwoman and an Angel all rolled into one beautiful package.

Nothing like myself!

But Jesus really nagged at my heart (as He often does) to get over my fear and just dive in. I’m SO GLAD that I did! Because what I found instead of shame and guilt … was encouragement!

We are all juggling so much, and even though our lives are completely different than the time in which this Proverbs 31 woman lived, there are a ton of tips for how to handle it all with grace.

I am really excited about this Study and the hope, and CHANGE it will bring to each of our minds and hearts!

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