It’s time to move from TRYING to merely survive our days, to THRIVING in our lives!

Over the course of the next three weeks, we are going to examine what’s in the way of us thriving, rearrange our thought patterns, and create some new habits that will give us the lasting change we’re seeking.


Week 1- We’re going to be looking at habits we can start today, that will help us find the life we’ve always wanted.


Week 2 – We’re going to be looking at what so many of us believe to be true because of what our culture dictates, but, then be set free in the truth of what the Bible actually says. (Trust me, you’re going to feel great about these!)


And finally, Week 3  – We’re going to dive into the heavy stuff, you know like tackling unbelief (Noah’s Ark does sound a bit fairy-taleish to me too), forgiveness and hearing “no,” as an answer to prayer.


I can’t wait to walk this amazing journey with you!