Fill Sisters is a simple way to receive a little extra prayer and encouragement, while offering the same to someone else in return.

All you have to do is complete the form below to sign up. Then, at the start of our next rotation, you will receive the name and contact information for the Fill Sister assigned to you for a two week period.

What do you do for this woman?

Over the two week rotation, you’ll pray for her each day. Some women may share specific requests, others just need more generalized prayer.

Then, as you feel lead, send her encouraging quotes, Bible verses, even funny memes to lift her spirits. Simply let her know that she is on your mind and heart.

At the same time …

Another Fill Sister will receive your name and be praying for and encouraging you.

Why not just swap names?

The reason you don’t just pray for one another is to eliminate the pressure. Some Fill Sisters feel lead to text their Fill Sister every day or (if they live in the same area) even drop off a sweet treat, while others don’t have the ability to share encouragement quite so often.

By not having the sister who has you, that “she did it for me so I feel like I have to do it for her in return,” mentality is eliminated. PLUS it never hurts to get to know more women in a meaningful way like this! 🙂

Our hope and prayer for Fill Sisters is to create an experience that adds joy and hope to your day, not adding another “to do” to your overflowing plate.

Please feel free to email Christine with any questions.