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Quiet Time Journal Page

Each morning I start my day using this journal to help get my mind right and ready for the day.

  1. Pour Out – Use this section to list out any prayers you have for yourself or family. Some days it looks like a grocery list of random thoughts I can’t get to go away and other days I pour out my needs in sentence form.
  2. I write out a verse (I google for verses that speak to whatever I’m facing that day) or use devotional series from different websites or of course from The Fill’s Daily Fill post! 🙂
  3. I answer the corresponding questions (What word from the verse stood out? Why did it stand out?)
  4. I write any thoughts that I read in a devotional, or thoughts God lays on my heart about the verse.
  5. I list out 5 blessings from the past 24 hours. (I say 24 hours so I get in the habit for looking for little blessings every day. And these are small things – a delicious dinner, hug from my kids etc.)
  6. I list out an affirmation … normally I turn whatever the take away from the verse or devotional was into an affirmation statement (example – I will remain peaceful today). But this could be any affirmation statement you want to declare of your life/day.