“We Want … To Live Free!” 

The Pour Out:

Pour it ALL out to God. Take a moment to clear the clutter, by letting go of all those wandering thoughts (the grocery list or to do list items that won’t stop distracting you) … AND … your prayer needs and concerns.)

The Beans:

The Background:

You may have heard of the Proverbs 31 woman. She’s been called an “ideal woman.” We’ve looked at a few of her qualities over the end of this series, to see if it could possibly apply any to our REAL lives today.

The Verse:

Proverbs 31:28-29

Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: ‘Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.’ 

The Fill:

What’s the point for YOU?:

  • What word or phrase from the verse above popped out to you?

Read the verse a second time and ask yourself:

  • What could this word or phrase be speaking to in your life? (What situation, struggle, relationship, or decision)

The Steam:

What does all of this mean to me/how can I apply that to my life today?

It’s easy to make snap judgements about someone.

Thinking back to my days before children, I thought I knew it ALL because I had been a teacher. And I can remember countless times thinking, “My child will NEVER do that!” (Don’t worry … Karma …)

During that teaching career, I was given tons of labels for my students each year to help me understand them better before they entered the classroom.

The problem with a name and a label is that they don’t tell a story, so you can’t possibly understand the full picture.

I had this one student (2nd grade) who was just off. He always came in angry, and was labeled as  “ODD,” and “ADHD.”

But beneath those labels was a horrific story. We came to discover that this child had seen a stray bullet come through the window, killing his dad right in front of his eyes, but no one knew.

His label didn’t show the full story.

And while maybe not as tragic, we are all labeled a bunch of things every day.

They mistakenly label us as “moody,” when the full story was, we have a child who is having night terrors and we haven’t slept in weeks.

They mistakenly label us as “not thoughtful,” when we forget to RSVP to the party. But what they don’t know is, we stared at the invitation on our fridge for weeks, trying desperately to talk ourselves into going, because we really want to – but we are crippled by anxiety and social fears.

We can’t ever stop people from thinking what they’re going to think. But we CAN CHOOSE which labels we’re going to believe about ourselves.

Rather than believing the snap judgements of someone who sees your story for 2.5 seconds, how about trust the One who’s written the entire story?

Today’s verse highlights that the only label that should matter is “Child of God.”

BECAUSE, You, too, surpass it all, my friend!

You, after living through what you have lived through, are amazing.

You’ve come through things that no one knows about, and are still breathing.

You’ve forgiven the unforgivable, and you’re still fighting.

You’ve seen the unimaginable, and yet still look for beauty.

You, my precious friend, truly do surpass them all.

Your heavenly Father created you for greatness. He wants to set you free from the negativity and let His truth sink in instead. The one who has seen your entire life, who knows your story, even the deep struggles that no soul on earth knows about … He’s seen it all and still says, “you surpass them all!”

Your Task for Today:

Stop allowing the “labels” of our society to define you, and start living your life, carrying yourself as the amazing, precious, loved, and desired person that you are!

The Transition:

Transitioning from quiet time back into real life can be tricky. We want to take the lesson we’ve just learned, and the peaceful feeling we now have, with us throughout the rest of our day.


List “small” blessings from the past 24 hours.

List small things, because when you only list the big things – you only SEE the big things. Thinking back on a few small blessings each day, helps us develop a habit of actually looking for God in our day to day realities. And if you’re writing them down, then you’ll have hard proof that God truly is always with you.

*This could be anything. A few examples are: “you were blessed with a hug from your child, the weather was especially warm and delightful, or a smile from a stranger on the street.


List positive affirmations about yourself/life:

Take whatever was laid on your heart and write it in the form of an affirmation:

If you simply felt peaceful today, write, “I WILL remain peaceful today.”

If you are still trying to understand a certain message, write, “I WILL keep searching and remember that God WILL reveal His answer to me.”

Or list, “I AM worth it.” “God DOES love me.” “I WILL make that change.”

**Now go about your day, peaceful and affirmed.**