“We Want … Success” 

The Pour Out:

Pour it ALL out to God. Take a moment to clear the clutter, by letting go of all those wandering thoughts (the grocery list or to do list items that won’t stop distracting you) … AND … your prayer needs and concerns.)

The Beans:

The Background:

This isn’t from the Bible, but from the Westminster Shorter Catechism.

The Verse:

The Chief End of Man Is:

To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

The Fill:

What’s the point for YOU?:

  • What word or phrase from the verse above popped out to you?

Read the verse a second time and ask yourself:

  • What could this word or phrase be speaking to in your life? (What situation, struggle, relationship, or decision)

The Steam:

What does all of this mean to me/how can I apply that to my life today?

Today’s topic is wanting to be successful.

But, this post has absolutely nothing to do with your job!

Now I get it, you might be working to crush some amazing business goals and want success in your career so badly you can taste it. (Umm … totally get that right now!)

And you might be a slave to your office in this season, either by choice or force.

But … y’all, you’re never going to feel fully successful based solely on your job, even if your job is being a parent or spouse.

I have to be honest and say this post is entirely for me. It’s was written as I desperately tried to escape my own standards of perfection for myself … and as I did some reflecting I remembered something super interesting.

In Seminary (the one semester I tried it out) the first thing they taught was the “chief end of man,”

They taught us that the one and only thing that truly matters in this life, the reason we were built and designed and placed here on earth … was …

To glorify God and Enjoy Him forever!

That’s it.

It didn’t say you’re successful if you have a career/or don’t, if you get married/or chose not to get married, if you have children/don’t have children …

It says that we are successful if we glorify God and enjoy Him!

So how do we bring glory to God?

LOVE! Jesus said the greatest command (which I’m assuming would bring God glory) is to love Him and love others!

So girlfriend, if you are doing your best to love God every day, and doing your best to love the people that come into YOUR life, you are successful.

Now, Pinterest and society are going to give you their OPINIONS (notice I didn’t say rules) but their OPINIONS of how that love should look. But y’all, LOVED is best!

You may love strangers as you write a check, or you may love strangers as you donate your time.

You may love your kids by watching movies together, while another mom loves her kids by not allowing screentime.

You may love your spouse by doing all the chores around the house, or you may love your spouse as you share the workload.

There is no one size fits all model when it comes to loving our people.

So friends, that successful feeling you’re desiring to have each night as your head hits the pillow can be answered with one simple question. “Did I love God and my people today?”

The laundry may still be in the hamper, dishes in the sink, kids in bed with no bath, and the email inbox overflowing … but you can still close those eyes with a sincere sense of a job well done, if you loved God, and you loved your people.

Your Task for Today:

This isn’t just for today, but I challenge you to get into the habit every night of asking yourself, “Did I love God and my people today?”

The Transition:

Transitioning from quiet time back into real life can be tricky. We want to take the lesson we’ve just learned, and the peaceful feeling we now have, with us throughout the rest of our day.


List “small” blessings from the past 24 hours.

List small things, because when you only list the big things – you only SEE the big things. Thinking back on a few small blessings each day, helps us develop a habit of actually looking for God in our day to day realities. And if you’re writing them down, then you’ll have hard proof that God truly is always with you.

*This could be anything. A few examples are: “you were blessed with a hug from your child, the weather was especially warm and delightful, or a smile from a stranger on the street.


List positive affirmations about yourself/life:

Take whatever was laid on your heart and write it in the form of an affirmation:

If you simply felt peaceful today, write, “I WILL remain peaceful today.”

If you are still trying to understand a certain message, write, “I WILL keep searching and remember that God WILL reveal His answer to me.”

Or list, “I AM worth it.” “God DOES love me.” “I WILL make that change.”

**Now go about your day, peaceful and affirmed.**