In her latest book, author Emily Ley proclaims that self-care has got to extend past a manicure every once in a while, and we’ve got to reframe the way we think about filling up and pouring out each day.

I’ve had the same ache in my heart for years, which is exactly what caused me to create The Fill, which is now a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization dedicated to providing ALL women with the space to become their best selves every day.

Through my years working in ministry, I came to realize that all of us are thirsty for more peace and less chaos, which is exactly why “self-care” is an $11 Billion industry in our country today.

Ladies, we are WORN OUT!

That’s why it is imperative that we take the time to invest in ourselves, EVERY DAY, filling up so we can continue to pour out into our lives, our families, and communities.

The Fill is the safe space for you to have your me time, in as little as 5 minutes, or is designed for you to linger longer on the days where you have the time, and really need it … and not just every once in a while, but every day!

Carving the time into your daily schedule is tough enough, so kick back and allow The Fill to do the rest!